Friday, June 20, 2008

..And Grow in Christ Every Day!

Drew's been trying to teach me a song for several weeks. He sings it during the Kids Worship time at church each Sunday. But with his limited memory and mispronunication of some key words, I was having a very difficult time learning this new song.

Two weeks ago, as I was tucking him into bed on a Sunday night, he began to sing it to the best of his recollection. I gathered that it included the following:

"something something in SIN
something something KNOW
lalalalala WHITE AS SNOW."

I have learned my fair share of great children's Bible songs throughout my life, so I attempted to fill in the blanks. I'd sing something (with my own made-up tune), only to have my child respond with laughter, "No, Mommy! That's not it." He'd sing his version again. I'd try to repeat it. This went on several times until Drew finally said, "I'm falling asleep, Mommy."

Last week, a new line of the song was recalled, and he taught me to "GROW IN CHRIST EACH DAY." I was delighted when he stopped to explain, "That means to grow in Jesus, Mommy!"

By this point, I was determine to find out the actual words of the song. So, after a few emails back and forth with Drew's teacher, I was able to get the words AND the tune onto my computer. I practiced a few times, then excitedly called Drew into our home office. "Hey! Mommy has a surprise for you." I sang:

My heart was black with sin
Until the Savior came in
His precious blood, I know
Will wash me whiter than snow.
And in God’s Word I’m told
I’ll walk the streets of gold.
I’ll read my Bible and pray,
and Grow in Christ every day!

A smile spread across my son's face. "Yey!" he exclaimed. "Now you can come to Worship!!! You can sit next to me!"

His invitation was precious, as if sent straight from heaven to my heart. A reminder that even the smallest new thing learned about my Savior (like a little children's song) is reason enough to come and worship. I just picture His invitation: "Yes! You've learned something new about Me! Now, come sit with me! Come worship!"

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