Friday, June 13, 2008

An Inheritance

I have only recently realized that this blog is completely and utterly unoriginal. Not because there are thousands of "Mom Blogs" out there (there are, by the way), and not because there are thousands of moms who've experienced the exact same feelings/emotions/adventures as I have (they have, by the way).

This blog is completely and utterly unoriginal because it was already written thirty years ago by my own mom.

The other day, I was at her house, searching for inspiration. My mom loved to write and kept wonderful records of our many milestones and memories. I borrowed the baby books the other day, along with a worn and faded blue spiral notebook.

The contents are breath-taking. I have laughed and cried, and finally today, I have been astounded by the realization of exactly how unoriginal my mommyhood really is.

The following is an entry written 30 years ago, as my mom described me at age 2:

"At prayer time at night, you always jump into bed, giggle, and say, Let's talk about the day!. When we begin to leave at night you say, Lay down with me....please! and when we do, you put your little arm around our neck and pat our backs."

This is the EXACT routine that occurs in my own home with my son every single night. I never knew that this nighttime routine was actually an inheritance from my own mom until today.

And while I'm the heir of this and many other marvelous gifts of time, love, energy and a passion for parenting... I am thrilled with the possibility that my own family is building upon this legacy. Reinforcing beloved traditions with Drew and making up a few new ones as we go along.

Perhaps one day, Drew will come across a faded old blog, and be curious enough to want to discover a little more of his own inheritance in these "pages".

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