Friday, June 27, 2008

Can It Be?

Swim Lessons: Day 4

Can it be that all the advice was true? That all those parents who offered wisdom over the past week really knew what they were talking about?

On our third day of actual swimming (Day 3 was rained out), Drew only screamed and cried for about 25 minutes out of a possible 45 minutes. He kicked, paddled, blew bubbles and willingly reached out for his teacher's arms. He said good-bye to his teacher after class and showed me some of his new moves (big arm circles forward and backward) in the car on the way home.

Can it be that someday I'll be able to offer the same words of encouragement to another parent of a despairing toddler? A day when this swimming saga will be a distance memory????

Four lessons down, four more to go...

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Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! :) Congratulations!!! :)