Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Distracted by Dolphins

There are few times when I let my guard down or stop my busy schedule to be completely amazed or enthralled by something unexpected.

My son, and any other child his age, is the master of being distracted. I relate to a line in one of PK Hallinan's books, "ABC, I Love You", where the parent confesses, "I love the way you act amazed as ants go ambling by."

It's true for me, I love that curious and unhurried nature about Drew. He will stop what he's doing for anything...a plane flying overhead, a squirrel chasing up a tree, a pretty sunset.

I, and any other adult, am the master of avoiding distractions. I fill my schedule to the brim, then set my line of vision toward the goal, the prize, whatever I'm expecting in the distance, much of the time completely missing the wonderful distractions of life.

But today, even I was jolted out of my "zone" as I was power-walking (dog and Drew with me, as always) on a causeway leading out to the beach. It was hot, yet a cool breeze blew in off the gulf, allowing me an extra burst of energy to make it up the bridge one last time before heading to our car. As we approached the crest of the drawbridge, I looked out over the beautiful ocean water and saw not one, not two, but THREE dolphins diving directly under us!

I've seen many dolphins in the 30+ years that I've lived in Florida, but I'm always amazed at these gorgeous and elusive creatures. They aren't often spotted, especially in a busy channel of water like our intercoastal passage has become. So, when I saw three dolphins, I stopped our walk, put the brakes on the stroller and rose up on my tip toes like my three year old would do. And with the exuberance of a toddler, I couldn't help but pass the excitement along to the other walkers coming up the hill behind us.

"Dolphins!" I cried. "And there are three of them! Right over there!" I pointed and directed, bouncing up and down as they surfaced once over here, a few minutes later over there.

Two or three people stopped and enjoyed the sighting with us. We chatted and laughed for a few minutes, then we all continued along our routes once the dolphins moved farther along theirs.

Drew and I had a great time talking about the beautiful creatures we saw, wondering aloud where they might next be headed. I'm so grateful for today's unexpected distraction. I pray that it reminds me to allow more distractions into my life so that I might slow down and appreciate all the beauty around me.

Psalm 90:12 "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

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Anonymous said...

I love your dolphin story! :) I would have done the exact same thing. ;)