Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Little Stuffy Nose

"Hey Bommy. Wook at be!!!"
What in the world is up with his voice......


A peanut.
Up his nose.

I remain calm. Even after he explains that he'd love to listen and obey, however he can not seem to get the peanut dislodged from his nasal passage.

Luckily, a good blow and a little help from mom do the trick.

After the peanut is safely disposed of, I caution Drew to never ever put anything else up his nose, ominously warning him that the next time he will surely have to go to the hospital and have a doctor remove it with very sharp tools.

I don't use scare tactics too often, but it seems to do the trick. Per Drew's instructions, we are ridding our pantry of peanuts and crossing them off the grocery list.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

At least it wasn't dog food... My sister did that when she was little. If she is reading this comment she will probably kill me for mentioning this :)