Sunday, October 19, 2008

We're back, y'all!

Drew and I just returned from a week-long trip to visit grandparents and cousins in Alabama. We always have fun when we're with family, but this trip was really something special.

From picnics to museums to tennis and fishing, we packed our days with activities that Drew is just becoming old enough to appreciate.

He's growing up so quickly. And I love it! I'm not trying to wish his sweet young life away, but I truly enjoy this age.

I appreciate his ability to pull his own suitcase through the airport alongside me. I marvel at his athletic prowess when he can keep up with his seven and twelve year old cousins. I laugh at his silly side of phone conversations when he calls home to tell Daddy about our day. And I bravely attempt to admire the bugs he brings me from his outdoors adventures.

Sure, some days are filled with time-outs and peanuts up the nose (ok, more days than I care to admit). But this trip reminded me of the simple pleasures of life with a little boy.

I can't wait to share our stories and pictures!

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