Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tough Love

My little guy has been sidelined from his normally high activity level this week with migraine-like headaches.

No mom wants to see her child suffer. It's been hard for me, as I've felt so helpless in providing him any kind comfort or relief. After another sleepless night of dispensing Motrin and holding the throw-up bucket close, I scheduled an appointment with his pediatrician this morning.

On our way to the doctor's office, Drew was hesitant and a little whiny.

"But I feel better now, Mommy!"
"I don't want to go to the doctor!"
"What are they going to do to me?"
"Why are you taking me there???"

His last plea stung a little. He could not comprehend why I would choose to put him through this kind of discomfort.

"Because I love you, buddy," was the response I settled on giving.

"Why are you lovin' me like that?"

And you must know that it took about a NANOSECOND for the spiritual parallel to sink in.

This week in my Bible study, I was reminded of God's great desire for my spiritual wellness. Whether I have been holding a grudge, throwing myself a pity-party, or have some pesky pride lurking in my heart... I seldom make it very long before I need to make an appointment with the Great Physician.

It's not always comfortable, and I can be known to whine.

"Lord, you could rescue me from this."
"Lord, I don't want to go there."
"God, why are You taking me there???"


"Why are you lovin' me like that?"
(I tend to want a reason, too).

And this is my conclusion. I am not willing to settle for a pain pill that will only alleviate Drew's symptoms. I need to know what is causing the problem, and I need it to be fixed.

And HE is not the slightest bit interested in a temporary solution to the weaknesses of my flesh. HE is not interested in sitting around, waiting for me to spew out some ugliness, just to help me clean up the mess. HE wants to make me well!

And I love that He loves me like that!


MindyMac said...

Really beautifully written and so meaningful! This is right in line with the sermon series our preacher is doing. I love having this example now of God "loving me like that!"

Rebecca said...

Jennifer- I just read your article in the current issue of MomSense that arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I too am a Discussion Group Team leader in Gainesville, FL, mom to a wonderful almost 2 year old little boy (Ethan), blogger...and former "obsesesed" career woman. Your article touched my heart and gave me chills because it was as if I wrote it myself (even the description of your son)! When I stepped down my role as a supervisor after Ethan was born I felt as if I was no longer going to be "successful" and spent a lot of time (and still do sometimes) wondering what makes me successful? But I now see a whole new part of me that is successful beyond my wildest dreams...that can't be measured in a paycheck. Thanks for touching my soul on a day that I needed it! God truly works in mysterious ways! God bless you and your little boy!


P.S. I love your blog and your other favorite blogs!

Anonymous said...

I have come in to peek at your blog and I love it!!! I will be back...if that's okay!?! I stopped by after reading your great article in MomSense magazine. Your little Drew is adorable... if your days are like mine with a toddler, they are full of many challenges and laughter all at the same time! I love how you write. I can't wait to read more! Hope your little guy feels better soon...poor thing!