Friday, May 29, 2009

Drumroll, please....

As I laid there on the ultrasound table yesterday, the technician asked one more time, "Now... do you want to know the gender of your baby?"

"Yes! We definitely do!"

And my first reaction when she told me was:

"Oh, boy!"

which was anything but appropriate, because...

Images of lacy socks and hairbows and tea parties and ballet recitals cascaded through my mind as I let the news sink in.

I looked over at Drew, who just had a goofy huge grin on his face.

"You're having a sister, buddy!"

More smiles and giggles as he peered up at the grainy black and white image bouncing around on the computer monitor.

The tech left the room a few minutes later to go get the doctor, and I sat up.

"Hey, Drew! We should go to the mall so you can pick out a special present for the baby... now that you know it's a girl."

"YES!" he was thrilled with the idea. "Let's think of what we're going to go get the baby, o.k.?"

He sat down on the floor in serious thought. Then, his eyes brightened and he exclaimed, "I KNOW! I know what to get for the baby! We should get her a TIARA!"

I didn't even know he knew what the word meant. But it was the sweetest thought I'd ever heard, so you know that is exactly what we did after we left our appointment.

We walked into the Disney store in search of the perfect tiara for our little princess.

And that is when I had my first moments of panic. Because the Disney store offered us no less than 8 different choices in royal hair adornments for little girls. And each was offered alongside a princess dress, princess shoes, a wand, a purse, lip gloss and various other accessories.

What in the world are we in for? was the thought going through my mind.

But all that escaped from my lips was a barely audible, "Oh boy! I mean... girl!"

SO, congratulations to more than half of you for getting it right. The winner of the contest, by random selection:

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 11
Result: 3

I think it would be so fun if you had a girl. I've got a 50/50 shot, but have NO idea.

Have any instincts?

Love the soldier story. So sweet!

May 22, 2009 2:11 PM

Danielle M

(*Side note and disclaimer. Danielle is The Design Girl, my very talented & creative blog designer. And despite her attempts to bribe me into letting her know the answer beforehand, she honestly just got it right and happened to be chosen by Now, if she figured out how to bribe the random number generator people, she's even more talented & creative than I have given her credit for! Congrats - and thanks for the awesome new header and "It's a Girl" image!)


Christy Odom said...

Congratulations!! I know you are all excited to have a little girl. I seem to only be able to produce boys which is just fine. I feel a little outnumbered though at times. Even our cat is a boy.

Surviving 4 said...

YEA!!!!!!! Yes, I know. I totally got it wrong. But that's okay. First of all, I LOVE Danielle for all the hard work she just did on my blog, so I'm glad she won. And second, this means I can give YOU all my girl clothes. (I'm seriously running out of space!)

Can't wait to meet your little one.

And by the way, might I suggest an "E" name? They're way fun :)

Anonymous said...

yea for you! congratulations on the news of a happy, healthy baby girl! i was wrong...oh well! congrats to Danielle for being the 'chosen' one!

Anneliese Schombs-Fish said...

And what alucky princess she is. Yeah!!! Your Mom is pulling out all of the lady big stuff already isn't she? ;)

Adam said...

Can't wait to meet "Pearl"....

Christina said...

I am so excited for you! Little girls are soooo much fun!!

Blkjkrabbit66 said...

CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks for visiting the Disney Store. Navigating the Princesses will be a breeze as my little one says - They're all great! She has a trunkful of dress-up and loves the hours that she spends twirling, having tea and making up stories with the little girl next door. Spoil them both every chance that you get!