Monday, May 18, 2009

A Rainy Day

Apparently he's been making observations and drawing conclusions over his short little life.

Because this morning, when Drew awoke and stumbled sleepily into the living room, the pounding rain and rumbling thunder stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Hey! It's supposed to be bright and sunny outside!"

I was amused. "You're right, buddy. We haven't seen this kind of weather in a while, have we?"

"No. We do live in Florida, after all," he replied.

I was tickled by his assumptions and continued to think about his comments as I drove (with windshield wipers on High) to school this morning.

Even though I love the sunshine, I am more than willing to sacrifice the warm rays for this overcast day.

Our grass is parched and brown. The city's watering restrictions (one day a week, and only in the middle of the night) are being enforced with heavy fines. We are in critical need of some rain. And it's falling in glorious amounts this morning.

When you know how much you need something, you are more willing to accept (and be grateful for) what it takes to meet that need.

I can't help but notice, though, how much my own assumptions about life mimic my child's view of the weather this morning.

"Hey - it's supposed to be bright and sunny! This isn't supposed to be so hard! What's with the rain?"

My (incorrect) assumptions can partly be attributed to the fact that I am blessed BEYOND MEASURE with many bright, sunshine-y days. I tend to take them for granted.

But when the rain comes, and I am reminded to grab the umbrella of His protection, I'm put in a position where I must trust that He'll use it to bring new life, restoration, growth.


Anonymous said...

I love it.
Jennifer N

Becky said...

what a great post jenny! thanks for the outlook :o)