Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a Scientific Fact (at least, I think I remember reading that somewhere...)

I feel a little bit like I'm losing my mind this week. You can't imagine how grateful I was, then, that I stumbled upon this article today.

Several years ago, researchers in London discovered that the pregnant woman's brain actually shrinks during pregnancy. It typically returns to it's normal size about 6 months after the baby is delivered.

Hmmm... I really AM losing my mind.

This might explain why:

A. Four hours after picking Drew up from school on Monday I FINALLY remembered that I was supposed to bring the entire week's worth of snacks for his class in that morning. Good thing it's late in the year. The teacher was able to put together a hodge-podge of leftovers from previous weeks to tame the tummies of 13 hungry tots for a day.

B. I found it oddly fascinating this morning while we sat in carline that all the other children seemed to be dressed so nicely. Hmmm... wonder what's going on? It took another five minutes of pondering to finally remember (though I'd had a conversation with Drew about it YESTERDAY) that today was class picture day. I turned around and looked at my son in his bright yellow Naval Academy t-shirt and unbrushed hair and thought, "At least we'll be able to pick him out in the picture."

C. I scheduled an appointment for the pest control man to come to the house tomorrow morning between 8am and 10am. I neglected to recall that tomorrow morning is "Muffins with Mom" at school - same time... totally different place. Daddy's now on Waiting-For-Terminix duty because I couldn't convince him that "Muffins with Mom" would, of course, love to embrace one Daddy tomorrow.

This pattern suggests that the 8% of brain power I've lost is all coming from the "Good Mom Who Is Informed About And Participates In All Her Son's School Functions" lobe.

Good thing we only have 10 days left of school before summer. The break should give me some time to recapture some of those missing cells before I send him back in the Fall.

(Wait a minute... what did I do with those Pre-K registration forms???)

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Anneliese Schombs-Fish said...

My cousin Leanne, a neurologist, had a patient one time that came in because she was more forgetful. They asked her how many kids she had and while I can't remember the # , I think it was around 3. Her diagnosis was the kids. Ha ha
I hope that makes you feel better.
Love you girl, and your stories.