Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The List Is Growing Longer...

(You still have a few more days to cast your vote in the contest HERE. Our big announcement will hopefully be made on Friday morning!)

Things that make four-year old boys scream at the top of their lungs:

1. Four shots at the 4-yr old check-up
2. Getting hair cut with Daddy
3. Dogs
4. Pull-Ups

Now, the first item on the list needs no explanation (but you can read this if you want one).

But haircuts and DOGS??? We own a 120 lb yellow lab. What kind of dog could possibly scare a child who owns a dog the size of a small horse? Another labrador retriever, of course.

And the same haircut outing he's always taken with his daddy to the same haircut place? This time, the visit evoked a hysterical breakdown.

Finally, it appears that my son's desire to wear "big boy underwear" to bed has taken over any rational thought process. Because when I went to put on his nighttime pull-ups the other night, you would have thought I'd entered the room with... well 4 shots, a big dog and some hair-cutting scissors.

It's just a stage... this too shall pass.
It's just a stage... this too shall pass.
It's just a stage... this too shall pass.


Surviving 4 said...

I think I hear you, but I can't be sure. My ears are still ringing from my own kiddos... Apparently driving the car through a car wash is up there with shots, dogs, haircuts (which Ty SCREAMED though last week), and Pull-ups (which incidently also make my kids scream, but only because they are very particular about which illustration is on the front of their pants.)

By the way, I'm counting down to Friday! I'll be waiting by my computer (phone?) with baited breath :-) Go Team BOY!

Anonymous said...

i'm reminding myself of that same pharse today...it's just a phase! i'm glad i'm not the only one needing to say that over and over today!

Julie Wiederstein said...

We've dealt with that exact same scenario when putting our son to bed with a pull-up on. We will let him wear underpants if he insists. However, if he wets the bed, he can't wear underpants again until he's kept his pull-up dry four nights in a row.

Diana said...

See you wrote "pull-ups" and my mind immediately went to exercise... because it frightens me too... and my youngest is 7 and we've been past the other "pull-up" stage long enough for it to be a distant and faded memory... but I probably lost a few mommy points on that one.