Monday, July 28, 2008

The Artist

"Mommy, I (unintellible murmuring.....) the dog."

What's that?

"I put shmdkjlksjfjdkbhhffff on the dog."

Can't understand you, buddy... What did you do?


Make-up. On the dog. Maybelline mascara, and what appears to be a little bronzer. It does bring out the color in those patient brown eyes.

The last time my budding little artist used poor Walker as his canvas, it was permanent marker in gigantic brown tiger stripes across both head and body (and a good portion of one of my bedroom walls).

So, the crayons, the washable paints, the stickers, the coloring books, the art easel, and all other appropriate outlets for artistic expression remain generally untouched around our house.

My son's real creative pursuit seems to be the pursuit of mischief.

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