Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Not Addicted... I Could Walk Away Anytime I Wanted To...

The other night, I set out for a walk with my dog and my boy. We only made it about a block from home when I was overcome with an incredible stomach ache. Knowing that I couldn't continue in such a state of discomfort, I hollered for Drew to turn around (he was at least six houses ahead of me on his scooter...and in his pajamas).

Change of plans, we're going home.

After a while, I began to feel a little better. Until Drew offered his medical opinion as to the reason for my tummy troubles.

"You drink too much soda, Mommy. It's not healthy for you."


I mean, maybe I do enjoy a Diet Coke now and then.

O.K., several times a day.

Well, if you must know, one friend recently said that if I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring two things, she wasn't sure about the other thing, but she knew I'd have a Diet Pepsi in my hand.

My son's admonishment has really made me grumpy for the last few days. Only because I know exactly what I am supposed to do about it. I'm supposed to give up my love affair with all make and manner of diet soda. As in, complete cold-turkey abstinence.

I may not have felt like such drastic action was required, had I not actually had the following internal dialogue yesterday when I considered cutting back:

I really should stop drinking so much diet soda. But it truly is so refreshing. Especially on a hot summer day when it's poured over a cup of crushed ice... Diet Coke is o.k., but I prefer Diet Pepsi. Yes, Diet Pepsi, in a plastic bottle, not a can. But Coke Zero is good in a can. Actually Coke Zero would be good if I had to drink it from a hose. Coke Zero is definitely my favorite. They really did a good job with that one. However, for flavored sodas, I have to say that Diet Dr. Pepper is a great taste. Never have been a fan of the citrus-y stuff (Diet Coke with Lime was the worst). I wonder if Pepsi Max, with all the vitamins, really makes a difference. Can't remember if Coke has one of those vitamin-packed products. Maybe Coke Plus or something like that? Pepsi One is almost as good as Coke Zero - they should just remove that pesky little calorie, wouldn't make too much of a difference, I guess.

So, cutting back doesn't appear to be an option for me, no sir. Starting tomorrow, I will be soda-free. Be prepared for a moody tone to my next few blog posts. Break-ups make me grumpy!

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