Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Date Night at the Mall

(thought you'd like to see my handsome date and how he dressed up for our evening out)

I have a couple of standards for a good Date Night. It should consist of good food (that I don't have to cook), good conversation, and good entertainment. The other night, my son treated me to a delightful Date Night at the mall.

It was his idea. His original idea, actually, was for Date Night to be a family excursion.

"Let's go to the mall tonight when Daddy gets home from work. We can show him all the stuff there. Like Wendy's and Chick Fil A and the bathrooms!" (Well, those are the places we spend most of our time).

Although I'm sure Daddy really wanted to go, he gratefully accepted my offer to take Drew by myself and give him a quiet night at home to catch up on some work.

So, our Date Night began with exquisite dining at the Food Court. We feasted on chicken nuggets, french fries and root beer. Dinner was made even more enjoyable by the delightful conversation. We commented on our tasty food, observed several other children playing nearby, and played a few rousing games of "I SPY", Food-Court-style. ("I spy something PIZZA.... umm... the Sbarro Pizza sign? Yes, Mommy! That's what I was thinking about!!! Your turn!")

The after-dinner entertainment was top-notch. We strolled the air conditioned corridors (a great reprieve from the heat and humidity that is ever-present during July in Florida), stopping for a while to watch the ice skaters.

We enjoyed a little pampering at the "Dead Sea Seacrets booth", where a young man from Israel wowed us by buffing my nails to a glossy shine (and with the SUPER-GREAT, ONE-NIGHT ONLY deal that he just HAPPENED to be offering me THAT NIGHT, I now can buff my own nails to a glossy shine any time I wish...).

At the playground, we even got to see a kid throw up (always a highlight).

Tonight is Boy's Night (because I get to go have a Girl's Night with a good friend for her birthday - yey!). I'll be anxious to hear what my men decide to do.

Because, when it comes to a night out, my little guy is a sure bet for a great time!

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Emily Bugg Quesenberry said...

I'm laying in bed next to Austin who is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - he just saw the picture of Andrew on your blog and screamed.... Andrew! It's more like Aun-duu! So cute. He misses his cousin and I am so glad that you have a picture of him dressed like that - that is hysterical!