Friday, July 18, 2008

Good, Clean Fun

My son awoke this morning full of bright ideas. First on his list of things to do:
Shaving Cream Art!

This has become one of Drew's favorite creative outlets. Squirt a pile of old fashioned shaving cream on a countertop, and he'll entertain himself for at least 30 minutes making designs, squishing the foamy lather between his fingers and toes.

So, I plopped him up on the kitchen counter in front of a generous portion of shaving cream, then shuffled into the laundry room to subdue the piles of dirty clothes and towels (is it just me, or is there more laundry in the summer?).

All was quiet, until I heard Drew turn on the kitchen faucet to wash his hands. A short amount of time later, the water was turned back off and he was back to his creation. I thought that I should check on the situation, but instead I opted for the "shout orders toward his general direction" approach.


"O.K. I WON'T..." he paused "... AGAIN!"

I sighed, grabbing the mop as I headed out of the laundry room. Guess those piles will have to wait. Looks like I'm going to be having some good, clean fun today, though!

What kind of good, clean fun are you up to this weekend?

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Emily Bugg Quesenberry said...

oh, i love this little boy so much and love to hear his stories. He is so funny