Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spy Games

On Day 6 of swimming lessons, I brought my mother-in-law to watch Drew in action. After all the drama of the previous lessons, I insisted on a few ground rules, though.

First, we were not to talk about the lessons as we drove down to the pool. I had realized that building the event up in conversation actually made my son a little more anxious, so we pretty much avoided the topic until it was time to "suit up" each evening.

Next rule was that Grandma MUST remain hidden at all times. The pool rules clearly state that parents should not be on-deck while lessons are being taught. (The instructors had realized long before our time that children just don't do very well when their parents are visible.)

I had been taking this advice to an extreme for the last several days, sitting on the grass behind other parents in chairs, and HIDING UNDER MY TOWEL when Drew swam out into my line of vision (no, I'm not joking). So, Grandma was to stay hidden from view, no exceptions.

We got to the pool and my mother-in-law found a great spot in the parking lot where she could view the lessons by peering through the fence. She was concealed even further from view by a big shrub. Because it seemed like such a great vantage point, I joined her in the parking lot after classes started. We chatted and watched, ducking further behind the tree when my son turned around toward our direction. We completely avoided being seen and truly enjoyed watching Drew's lesson that day.

When class was over, we headed home in the car, after making a few stops along the way. About 45 min. after we began our journey home (and after MUCH praise and encouragement from both of us about how well he did), Drew said, "Mommy, guess what! I saw you!"

Both Grandma and I were silent. "What do you mean? Where did you see me?"

"Behind that tree and behind that fence during my swim class."

Busted! I guess our hiding spot wasn't so perfect after all. And I guess that I didn't need to be so well hidden after all.

Along with all the other lessons I've learned this week, my mother-in-law and I also learned that neither of us should consider a career in espionage.

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