Monday, July 21, 2008

"When I Grow Up..."

"You think I can go down that hill on my scooter?"

This is his question as we watch ten of the world's most incredible athletes navigate a winding, narrow, slick path through the Alps on bicycles.

It's Stage 387 (or whatever...) of the Tour de France, and my husband and son are lost in a world of wheels and muscles and strategy and competition. At the front of the pack, a few men barrel down a mountain at speeds close to 50 mph, and my son wants to try it for himself.... on his scooter!!

There's a formula for fun round here these days. SPEED + SPORT = COMPLETE EXHILIRATION. Whether he's diving head-first off the couch into a somersault (saw it on the Olympic gymnastics trials), jumping off the dining room table, telling the dog to "STAY" in an attempt to mimic the hurdle jumpers (Olympic Track & Field trials), it seems like Drew has become something of a thrill-seeker.

I was talking with some friends the other day about how, as parents, we are given the opportunity to foster the unique talents, abilities, gifts that we see emerging as we get to know our children.

Hopefully, with the right encouragement and insight, our kids will approach adulthood with a lot more self-confidence. Perhaps they'll be better equipped to recognize God's calling on their lives if they've seen that His unique design has been placed in them since birth.

But I have to say that I'm having a bit of a problem with Drew's passion for speed and sport. "You know, you were always so good at riding a scooter. Perhaps you should take up Skateboarding in the Xtreme Sports league...".

Maybe I should just start limiting/monitoring the sports that are giving him all these ideas. Thank goodness they've discontinued Rugby in the Olympics...


Surviving 4 said...

Oh dear... is this what I can expect as my sweet baby boy grows up? In that case, Lord, get ready for some prayers! Maybe it's time to introduce Drew to chess :-)

Emily Bugg Quesenberry said...

I love this blog entry, Jenny, because I can picture andrew making all those comments and actions! I miss y'all so much...