Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can I Buy That at Target?

As we are driving home from work today, we're talking about Drew's day at Grandma's house, what he ate for lunch, what games he got to play with Uncle Adam. And in the middle of this conversation, he says,

"Mommy. I want to buy a baby."

You want to buy a baby?

"Yes, actually lots and lots of babies. Does that sound like a good idea, Mommy?"

Ummmm.... so, you want to have a baby brother or sister?


(My mind is racing... my child who's NEVER paid attention in the slightest to babies is now wanting lots and lots of babies. Is he lonely? Should the hubby and I talk with him about his desire for a bigger family? How do I respond appropriately? Does he understand that we can't just buy a baby? Does he know someone who just HAD a baby? Has he been around babies recently....)

Which would you like to have? A brother or a sister?

"Brothers. Lots of brothers."

O.K. Well, listen buddy, we will talk about...

"Mommy. I want to buy a train."

Oh, O.K.


Surviving 4 said...

OK, that is too funny! It's a good thing we don't leave family planning in the hands of our kids (and really, this is true for so many reasons...) It's a good thing we can't buy babies at Target either, because their return policy is lousy!

MindyMac said...

Hey there! It's Mindy, Tyler's sister, popping in! I saw your link on Kari's blog and have had a great laugh this morning reading about Drew! What a fun little guy! Definitely ALL BOY! I'm with Kari...it's a good thing you don't buy babies at Target, because heaven knows I'd never remember where I put the receipt, and they wouldn't let me return...they would make me exchange!