Friday, August 29, 2008

Día Dos

* The following post was written on 8/22 in anticipation of our trip to Guatemala *
For updates on our trip, click HERE

Today, please pray for Drew's grandparents as they take him to Preschool Orientation. My prayer is that Drew will not be anxious during this open-house, that he will have a positive experience when he meets his teacher for the first time, and that he will be excited to show off his new school to his Baba and Diado (that's Bulgarian for Grandma and Grandpa, by the way).

Also, please pray for my brother (the groom-to-be), his fiance (the bride-to-be), both sets of parents, and several other friends and relatives who will be traveling to Jamaica today for my brother's wedding. Pray for the weather, the flights, the logistics to all be orchestrated by God's perfect timing and provision.

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