Friday, August 22, 2008

Go Fish!

Go Fish! is one of my favorite rock bands. If you haven't heard of them, you need to check out their songs. Some of my favorites include:
The Mom Song
The Bible Book Bop
and Hit the Drum

Perhaps you've guessed by now that Go Fish! is geared toward the younger set... as in little kids. Their website boasts "Great Music for Kids that Won't Drive Their Parents Bonkers", and I have to admit that I seriously GET DOWN to their tunes.

Currently, the Jammies song is our number one favorite. We have been singing it every night as Drew gets out of the tub and stands on the sink to brush his teeth. The lyrics of the song help us through the routine (Wash your face... brush your teeth... say your prayers.... then go to sleep!).

So, tonight we're jammin' with the Jammie song in the bathroom, having a picture-perfect little moment. Then, perhaps inspired by the band who penned our favorite tune, my son decides to dump the entire container of fish food all over his bathroom sink in a dramatic finale to our concert.

I will not even begin to tell you how many fish flakes come in one container....

or how easily they get blown around by the slightest breath or movement in their general direction....

or how well they cling to freshly bathed, damp toddler skin....

or how once they get wet, you can't really wipe them up with a washcloth...

or how emphatically my son was determined to TRY to keep wiping them up with a washcloth.

(Oh, or how bad fish food smells...)

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