Thursday, August 7, 2008


Several of my last few posts deserve an update, and since I'm sleep-deprived(Drew has been sick for the entire week), it's a good idea that I just make some brief follow up comments to some of my recent posts...

So, let's start with Providence:
The Lord cleared my entire week's schedule because He knew that we were going to need an entire week to kick whatever "bug" has grabbed hold of my poor child. Whew! We are ready to have our old Drew back, but my blog has certainly been neglected for a much more pressing duty.

For Momma Maxine it appears that no other babies (besides Mr. Watermelon) have been born into our fish family. When I researched this breed of fish (not exactly goldfish, but something like it), I learned that they can have up to 10 babies at a time,so we're pretty fortunate. Wow! Oh, and Mr. Watermelon's doing great! Getting bigger every day!

My Departure from Diet Coke:
I'm happy to say that I've not had a drop of the stuff for 8 days! It helps that I've been preoccupied with nursing a sick child, but the cold-turkey approach hasn't been too bad. Don't get me wrong, I've almost slipped up a half-dozen times, but the point is that I DIDN'T. Yahoo!

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