Monday, August 4, 2008


Providence - the foreseeing care and guidance of God or nature over the creatures of the earth.

Last week was one of those weeks where my daily organizer was vital to my existence. Activities filled each morning, afternoon and evening. Special events, conventions, dinner or coffee with friends, playgroup, prayer group... oh - and our 10 yr. anniversary thrown in for good measure. All of it fun and invigorating, as this is the pace I choose to run most of the time.

But, yesterday I flipped to the fresh page of this week - eager to see what was in store. I was surprised to find clean, blank space. So little going on in my own life that the only thing I have written down on one of the days is a doctor's appointment for my mom. And I'm not even taking her to it... just have it written down so I could make sure she wasn't watching Drew during that time.

And just in case I wondered for a moment about how unlikely it was to have so many free moments, I was reminded of God's divine Providence in my life.

This morning, as my house was waking up, Drew stumbled out from the bedroom disheveled and pale. As he crawled into my lap, I cringed at the heat rising from every surface of his skin. He wimpered a plea for medicine, and I jumped into "nurse" mode.

Hours later, our house looks more like a hospital ward than a cozy home (sheets replaced by towels, used medicine dispensers, tissues, and buckets litter the guest bedroom floor. And, though I know this will be an exhausting day, I just can't help but thank God that He has once again ordained my week in His divine providence, giving me nothing to do but care for my boy.

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