Thursday, August 28, 2008

Estamos en dirección a Guatemala

*For the next several days, I'll be featuring posts that have been written ahead of time, as we will be in Guatemala*

Today, my hubby and I leave for Guatemala with a team of thirteen other members of our precious small group from church. We will be working with an orphanage outside of Guatemala City, assisting them with a few construction projects, and mostly just loving on some kids.

And while I am incredibly excited about what God has in store for us, I am sending out a plea for prayers during this trip!

Today, please pray that Drew is excited and at peace with his grandparents when we leave. Pray that their first day together is filled with fun memories, and that he has an obedient and happy nature.

Please lift up my in-laws, praying that they feel rested and well and comfortable in our home. Pray that their time with Drew is filled with blessings. And pray that the air hockey table at McDonalds is working (one of my son's favorite activities with his Baba)!

While this blog will be written beforehand, please visit us HERE for current updates during our trip.

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